Our 2017 dolls are now ready for new good homes !

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The Anne Beate doll has a long tradition in Denmark and has been produced for more than 50 years now.
The making of the dolls are the same as it has always  been...... Everything is our own design and evrything is handmade in the highest quality.
As every doll is unique - they each have their own personality. Find the one that is made for you - and he or she will bring you joy and happiness for many years.
We often hear from young women who inherited Anne Beate dolls from her grandmother - or even her great grandmother - and she is now happily showing the dolls to her own daugher

The first 2 dolls made in 1963 were “Girl with bell” and “Boy with sack” and even though they are almost 50 years old  – they are still produced and sold today.
They have changed very little over the years and as pixies easily become several hundred years old – this is not as strange as it may sound.
The Anne Beate Nisse is a small doll – not more than 11 cm tall. The delicate metal shoes guarantee that they are always well balanced for standing or sitting. This makes them very well suited for decoration.
All parts of the doll is handmade and the face is of course handpainted.
Every pixie is unique and each one has its own personality.
An Anne Beate Nisse is a friend for life and therefore it is very important that you choose the right one.

All our products are  handmade. Here is Lilla forming the small piggy that goes with the Piggyboy

Lilla is handpainting the small goose that the Gooseboy brought with him to the manor.

Before the pixies leave home to take part in a new family – each one of them are carefully and thoroughly examined and controlled. The quality is always high and the standard is even.
We hope that you – their new people – will love them and take care of them, as we have done.
Pixies are known to bring happiness and joy to the houses, where they make their homes. 
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