Once upon a time in Odense there was a small shop called NumbSkull Jack. It was situated right opposite the house of H.C. Andersen. You might even pay it a visit today – because everything there  is just the same now, as it was then…….The owner of this shop was Inge Stokkebye, mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son. 
One sunny autumn afternoon in 1963 she came home and found her youngest daughter Anne Beate sprawled on the couch with a stack of film magasins…….

 “ This will not do.We must find some occupation for you. I need someone to make some pixies – this will be just a job for you”.

“Oh, but I can´t do that – I never did anything like that before”, Anne Beate answered alarmed. 

“Nonsense – You can do anything, if you give it a try”!

And this is how it all started !

The first 40-50 pixies were not easy. Anne Beate shed many tears and claimed, that she would never learn.
But she did – and after a couple of months it was as if the pixies themselves took over.
They made their own decisions about how to look and what to carry in their hands.And this is how it has been ever since……….

This is the true story of the birth of the first Anne Beate Pixies.

At the top of this page you see a picture of "Girl With Bell". She was the first perfect pixiegirl born in 1963.
Today the family count almost 80 members and it is still growing. All pixies are still produced and sold today.

In 2004 Anne Beate Stokkebye had to step down and sell the company.She was not young anymore and illness had taken its toll.
The pixies soon settled in with their new pixiemom, Mette Markes Jepsen, in their new surroundings. And today it seems as if it has always been this way.

New pixies are born every year and the whole family is rejoicing. Pixies take leave to go and live with their new people.
Modern times is slowly moving into pixielife. Today the family has homemade furniture to sit on. The children have a swing to play on. The older pixies have their own newspaper, Pixienews.
Yes, the times they are a-changing.....  But still pixies will be pixies.....

We hope you will enjoy zapping around getting to know every pixie.... 


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